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US-9720288-B2: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-9747689-B2: Image processing system, X-ray diagnostic apparatus, and image processing method patent, US-9751663-B2: Method and apparatus for enclosing patent, US-9752330-B2: Base isolation floor structure patent, US-9769157-B2: Systems and methods for secure one-time password validation patent, US-9780973-B2: Channel estimation system for wireless communication system patent, US-9794506-B2: Input apparatus, display apparatus and control method thereof patent, US-9855546-B2: Composite oxide catalyst and method for producing the same patent, CN-201961287-U: Rim deflection degree correcting device patent, US-9860632-B2: Electronic device patent, US-9868696-B2: Amino acid derivatives and absorbable polymers therefrom patent, US-9869255-B2: Feedback controlled system for charged ignition promoter droplet distribution patent, US-9869899-B2: Display device having improved control force over directers of liquid crystals patent, US-RE33979-E: Content-identifying carton structure patent, US-8594998-B2: Multilingual sentence extractor patent, US-8598748-B2: Roller spark gap patent, US-8610157-B2: Light emitting apparatus patent, US-8617483-B2: Gaseous sterilization of impermeable containers through use of porous material patent, US-8637470-B2: Small humanin-like peptides patent, US-8641199-B2: Projector patent, US-8672993-B2: Pararenal stent graft patent, US-8678432-B1: Releasable tether retention system patent, US-8684082-B2: Radiation-induced thickening for set-on-command sealant compositions and methods of use patent, US-8687129-B2: TV interface control system and method with automatic search patent, US-8687593-B2: System and method for multimedia sharing in a collaborative session patent, US-8687944-B2: Frame indexing technique to improve personal video recording functionality and security of transmitted video patent, US-8732330-B2: Method and apparatus for striping packets over parallel communication links patent, US-8733424-B1: Centrifugal casting method and apparatus patent, US-8747967-B2: Liquid crystal display patent, US-8756734-B1: Pillow device patent, US-8768641-B2: Digital controller for an automotive steering test rig patent, US-8817131-B2: Information recording apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and information recording method for controlling recording of location information in generated images patent, US-8838837-B2: Failover mechanism patent, US-8859589-B2: Use of 4′-thio-2′-deoxynucleosides as anti orthopoxvirus agents patent, US-8882965-B2: Paper recycling system and paper recycling method patent, US-8890477-B2: Charging device for a high-voltage battery of a motor vehicle, charging assembly and method for operating a charging assembly patent, US-8920935-B2: Mechanical component comprising an insert made of composite patent, US-8924088-B2: Collision detection apparatus, collision determination method, and activation control apparatus for occupant protection apparatus patent, US-8948232-B2: Method for transmitting a digital signal for a semi-orthogonal MARC system having half-duplex relay, and corresponding program product and relay device patent, US-8962431-B2: Methods of forming metal silicide-comprising material and methods of forming metal silicide-comprising contacts patent, US-8971663-B2: System and method for producing synthetic golden template image for vision system inspection of multi-layer patterns patent, US-8972702-B2: Systems and methods for power management in a high performance computing (HPC) cluster patent, US-8978728-B2: Band detaching method in band building drum and band building drum patent, US-8982500-B1: Controlling the transport of a tape within a tape transport system patent, US-8987877-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-8989525-B2: Light deflecting element patent, US-8990949-B2: Automatic correction of security downgraders patent, US-9017192-B1: Athletic training device patent, US-9026969-B2: Method of designing arrangement of TSV in stacked semiconductor device and designing system for arrangement of TSV in stacked semiconductor device patent, US-9027036-B2: Status management device, status management method, and recording medium patent, US-9030553-B2: Projector image correction device and method patent, US-9031036-B2: Apparatus and method for supporting intra-base station handover in a multi-hop relay broadband wireless communication system patent, US-9032102-B2: Decode data for fast PCI express multi-function device address decode patent, US-9059124-B2: Display device and method for manufacturing display device patent, US-9068549-B2: Glow plug with pressure sensor patent, US-9078742-B2: Self-activated cooling device patent, US-9079405-B2: Liquid ejection head and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-9096837-B2: Alpha-amylase variants with altered properties patent, US-9099282-B2: Focusing a charged particle imaging system patent, US-9101824-B2: Method and system of virtual gaming in a vehicle patent, US-9132521-B2: Main shaft structure of tool machine patent, US-9148595-B2: Solid state imaging device, distance measuring device, and distance measuring method patent, US-9162370-B2: Concrete mixing-and-transport truck with a rotary sealed feed-in/feed-out port of mixing drum patent, US-9167044-B2: Communication system for receiving authentication data from an external service patent, US-9173221-B2: Apparatus, system and method of establishing a wireless beamformed link patent, US-9196608-B2: Method of chip positioning for multi-chip packaging patent, US-9208435-B2: Dynamic creation of topical keyword taxonomies patent, US-9225467-B2: Method for calibrating thresholds and threshold calibration module for a satellite telecommunications system patent, US-9236627-B1: Solid oxide redox flow battery patent, US-9237154-B2: Secure and automatic connection to wireless network patent, US-9240506-B2: Transparent ceramic photo-optical semiconductor high power switches patent, US-9245380-B2: Local multi-resolution 3-D face-inherent model generation apparatus and method and facial skin management system patent, US-9245495-B2: Simplification of local contrast compensation by using weighted look-up table patent, US-9250118-B2: Leaf-spring optical seismometer using fringe signals for seismic measurements patent, US-9277535-B2: Simultaneous delivery of a telephony call over a broadband access network and a circuit-switched network patent, US-9284518-B2: Multi-arm hydrophilic urethane polymers, methods of making them, and compositions and processes employing them patent, US-9296876-B2: Stabilized polyamide compositions patent, US-9320789-B2: Combinations of gene deletions for live attenuated shigella vaccine strains patent, US-9322430-B2: Bearing for a camshaft, and a camshaft patent, US-9331474-B1: Over-voltage protection circuit for a drive transistor patent, US-9334702-B2: Selectively disengagable sealing system patent, US-9346676-B2: Stable complexes of zero-valent metallic element and hydride as novel reagents patent, US-9346890-B2: Antigen binding proteins that bind ErbB3 patent, US-9357701-B1: Edger for utility vehicle patent, US-9419452-B2: Charging connector overheat detection and protection apparatus patent, US-9422634-B2: Method and apparatus for producing a single crystal patent, US-9435312-B2: Diagnostic system and method for vehicle starter patent, US-9452448-B2: Separating device for a potato harvester patent, US-9475547-B2: Derailleur with damping assembly patent, US-9482748-B2: Ultrasound imaging system, and a processing device used inside said ultrasound imaging system patent, US-9524837-B2: Electrical contact arrangement patent, US-9543480-B2: Ceramic composite for light conversion and method for manufacture thereof patent, US-9568803-B2: Cascaded optical harmonic generation patent, US-9577478-B2: Axial flux motor with stator pre-load patent, US-9580646-B2: Method for treating a steel band or plate provided with a metal coating with an after-treatment agent, and a steel band or plate provided with a metal coating patent, US-9584644-B2: Electronic device and method for handling incoming call of the same patent, US-9616822-B1: Mobile device attachment for a golf cart patent, US-9623479-B2: Apparatus including metal foam and methods for using same downhole patent, US-9651693-B2: Target-oriented 4D binning in common reflection point patent, US-9674830-B2: Method for processing data associated with session management and mobility management patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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