Sleeve screw stock



The utility model relates to a sleeve screw stock, comprising a screw die sleeve (1) and a transporting pole (2); a ring-shaped limit table (3) is arranged at the end part of the screw die sleeve (1), a screw die assembly cavity (4) is surrounded between the ring-shaped limit table (3) and the screw die sleeve, a screw die installation screw hole is arranged on the cavity body of the screw die assembly cavity (4), and a fixing bolt (7) is connected with the screw die installation screw hole in a threaded way; the screw die sleeve (1) is provided with a through hole (6) for leading the transporting pole (2) to penetrate through the screw die sleeve, and the transporting pole (2) penetrates through the through hole (6) movably. The utility model leads original transverse operation to be changed into vertical operation and promotes operating horizontal plane to lead the screw die to realize 360-degree rotation, thereby not only promoting the operation progress, but also avoiding from being scalded in the operating process at the same time.




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