Meshing type screwdriver


  • Inventors: XIONG DE
  • Assignees: 德 熊
  • Publication Date: December 23, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-201366676-Y


The utility model discloses a meshing type screwdriver in the field of hardware tools, aiming at providing a new technical proposal of a screwdriver. The meshing type screwdriver can serve two purposes. The technical proposal of the meshing type screwdriver is characterized in that the meshing type screwdriver consists of a handle and a screwdriver rod; the handle is a long columnar object; a deep hole is processed axially from one end of the handle; a U-shaped steel-wire snap spring is arranged chordwise on the inner wall of the hole; on the end surface of the handle at the opening of the deep hole, the opening is appropriately enlarged towards the outside so as to serve as a meshing opening; the periphery of the meshing opening is processed into teeth shape to form inner teeth; the screwdriver rod is a cylindrical object; two ends of the screwdriver rod are respectively provided with a screwdriver head; a round-disk-shaped object is vertically and fixedly connected with the middle of the screwdriver rod and serves as a fluted disk; the periphery of the fluted disk is also provided with outer teeth meshed with the inner teeth; one end of the screwdriver rod is inserted into the deep hole of the handle; and the inner teeth and the outer teeth are meshed with each other.




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