Clamping and positioning device of oxygen lance



The utility model relates to a clamping and positioning device of an oxygen lance, consisting of a pushing head, a hinge, a pushing rod, a base and a hydraulic cylinder. The front end of the pushing rod sheathed on the hydraulic cylinder is hinged with the pushing head by the hinge; the hydraulic cylinder is connected on the base by bolts; and the base is fixed on an oxygen lance cart by a foundation bolt. As the hydraulic transmission is adopted, the clamping and positioning device has fast and accurate action, greatly reduces aligning and positioning time, enhances clamping force, avoids swinging and offset of the oxygen lance, guarantees that the oxygen lance, an oxygen lance opening and a furnace body are on the same central line, thus reducing the labor intensity of operators, eliminating unsafe factors and being beneficial to smooth accomplishment of the blowing process of a rotating furnace.




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