Underwater concrete sampler



The utility model relates to an underwater concrete sampler used for judging whether the top of a bored pile achieves an elevation position. The underwater concrete sampler is characterized by comprising a storage barrel with two ends equipped with openings, wherein a guide rod is connected to the upper end of the storage barrel through a connecting block, two fixing plates are arranged on two sides of a position inside the storage barrel approaching the lower end thereof, two opposite moving plates are respectively hinged at a position with height equal to that of each fixing plate inside the storage barrel, supporting blocks for supporting the moving plates are arranged on an inner lateral wall of the storage barrel equipped with the moving plates, and a limit rod is arranged on the lateral wall of the storage barrel at the rear of the moving plates. The underwater concrete sampler is simple in structure, low in manufacturing cost and convenient in operation, can conveniently and accurately sample at a designed elevation position of an underwater concrete cast-in place pile, and judges whether an underwater cast-in place concrete surface achieves the designed elevation position or not, thereby reducing concrete waste and labor cost waste caused by over grouting, reducing construction cost and accelerating construction progress.




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