Sprinkler for cleaning coal mine dust



The utility model relates to an equipment for coal mine, in particular to a sprinkler for cleaning coal mine dust, aiming at solving the problem of how to remove the dust in the mine laneway in the prior art; the sprinkler comprises a tractor, a water sprayer and a water tanker which are orderly connected; an electric motor and a water pump are installed on the water sprayer, and the water pump is connected with nozzles positioned above the water sprayer through a water outlet pipe; a bow collector for supplying power to the electric motor is arranged above the water sprayer; and the water pump is connected with the water tanker through a water inlet pipe. The sprinkler can be randomly moved on the rail in the laneway, have larger flexibility, replace the manual washing, improve the working efficiency, ensure the safety of work staff, save water and improve the work environment.




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