Power limit load controlling device of crawler crane



The utility model discloses a power limit load controlling device of a crawler crane, which comprises a pedal accelerator arranged in a driver cab, a hydraulic pump arranged on an engine, and a controller and the engine which are arranged in an electric control cabinet, wherein the engine is connected with the hydraulic pump via a dividing box, and the pedal accelerator is connected with the input end of an engine ECM accelerator. The engine of the controlling device is an electronic fuel injection engine, the hydraulic pump is a proportional electrical control hydraulic pump, the controller is connected with the engine ECM via a CAN bus, and the PWM output port of the controller is connected with a proportional solenoid valve adjusting the swing angle of the hydraulic pump. PID adjustment is carried out by the controller so as to adjust the swing angle of the electrical control hydraulic pump and further adjust the input power of the hydraulic system to match the power of the engine to realize the non-flameout working of the engine. The controlling device can reduce fuel consumption, prolong the service life of the engine and protect the hydraulic system against the impact, and has the advantages of simple circuits, convenient realization and low cost.




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