Patch type mobile phone vibrating motor



The utility model provides a patch type mobile phone vibrating motor which consists of an eccentric block (1) mounted on the shaft of a motor (3). A motor casing comprises a main casing and a tail end cover (5); a rotor winding wire end is connected with a power source lead through a commentator, an electric brush and a pin; a pair of down-lead pieces (6) is mounted on the outer lateral surface at the tail end; a pin jack is formed on each down-lead piece; an electric brush handle is riveted with one end of the pin; the pin is welded with the down-lead piece on the outer side of the down-lead piece after passing through the tail end cover; and the down-lead piece is folded backwards on the lateral surface of the motor in an orthogonal manner. In the patch type mobile phone vibrating motor, because one down-lead piece is increased between the pin and the lead and one end of the down-lead piece connected with the lead is folded backwards on the lateral surface of the motor in an orthogonal manner, the down-lead piece can be connected with a lead printed on a circuit board in the manner of solder reflow process, i.e. the patch operates. Compared with the prior art, the utility model can lead the installation of the motor to achieve automation and eliminate the use of the traditional lead, thereby reducing the failure rate and cleaning the inner part of mobile phones.




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