Water planting equipment


  • Inventors: LI JINTIAN
  • Assignees: 李金明
  • Publication Date: January 13, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201378971-Y


The utility model discloses water planting equipment which comprises planting pots and connecting pieces and is characterized in that the water planting equipment also comprises a water supply device. The panting pot is manufactured by material with the specific gravity smaller than 500kg/m<3>; the planting pot is rectangular and is encircled by a bottom plate and side walls; a clipping groove is arranged on one long side wall and is served as a connecting device; a matched connecting device on the connecting piece is a clipping pin; the planting pots are connected through the connecting piece; the water supply device is a water pipe arranged in the connecting piece and a nozzle connected with the water pipe; the water pipe is connected with a freshwater source; and a clipping hole is arranged on the other long side wall of the planting pot. The water planting equipment with the structure can adopt the existing mature crop planting technology and can realize large-scale crop planting on the water.




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