Reusable basketball backboard


  • Inventors: JIANG XINMIN
  • Assignees: 姜新民
  • Publication Date: January 13, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201379952-Y


The utility model relates to a reusable basketball backboard. The basketball backboard is made of molded glass reinforced plastic regeneration board, and a plurality of groups of crossing reinforcement ribs are arranged on the back surface of the backboard. By adopting the molded glass reinforced plastic regeneration board, the basketball backboard ensures regeneration and reuse of waste so as to protect the environment. The molding process has simple process and high production efficiency. In addition, the reusable basketball backboard has the advantages of good weathering resistance, high adaptability to natural environment, good anti-aging property, uniform elasticity, and so on, and the backboard has no change in the performance even if exposed to the sun, the wind or the rain for long term. Accordingly, the reusable basketball backboard can be widely used in the indoor and outdoor basketball court.




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