Electric valve box for Vertical sleeve valves



The utility model provides an electric valve box for vertical sleeve valves, belongs to the field of control units of bottle-making machinery, and particularly relates to an electric valve box. The electric valve box comprises a sleeve valve and an electromagnetic valve, and is characterized in that the electric valve box further comprises a switch valve plate; a work driving air hole and a signal air hole are formed on the switch valve plate; the sleeve valve is inserted into the top of the switch valve plate vertically and is communicated with the work driving air hole; the electromagnetic valves are inserted into the switch valve plate transversely and is communicated with the signal air hole. The electromagnetic valves are still arranged transversely in two rows, while the sleeve valves are mounted vertically so as to be inserted into or taken off from the top of the switch valve plate, therefore, the electromagnetic valves and the sleeve valve are separated from each other. When an electric element is damaged, each electromagnetic valve or each sleeve valve can be replaced independently. The prior electromagnetic valve plate and the prior sleeve valve plate are replaced by the integrated switch valve plate, thereby simplifying the mechanical structure, providing convenience for the disassembly and the assembly, and facilitating the inspection and repair. As all hand-operated valve buttons of the electric valve box are arranged at the top of the switch valve plate, the adjustment is visual, and the operation is easy.




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