Aluminum-plastic composite profile for center pillar of swing-out door/window


  • Inventors: CHEN XUESONG
  • Assignees: 陈学松
  • Publication Date: January 13, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201381753-Y


The utility model discloses aluminum-plastic composite profile for the center pillar of a swing-out door/window, which comprises aluminum profile and plastic profile. A plurality of composite slots with the outer ends closed up are arranged at the inner side of the aluminum profile; composite lug bosses matching with the composite slots are arranged on the plastic profile; seal parts are arranged at both sides of the outer sides of the plastic profile; seal piece fixing grooves are arranged on the inner surfaces of the seal parts; and the aluminum profile and the plastic profile are fixed and connected with one another through the composite slots and the composite lug bosses. The profile is nice-looking in appearance, big in rigidity, low in cost, simple in structure and easy to process and compound, and can insulate sound and preserve heat.




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