Swinging piston pump



The utility model relates to a swinging piston pump, which comprises a frame body, a motor and piston cylinders. The frame body consists of a speed reducer box body, a bracket and a horizontal supporting shaft, a pair of piston cylinders are symmetrically installed on two sides of the bracket, each piston cylinder comprises a cylinder drum, an upper end cover and a lower end cover, a piston is coaxially and slidably mounted inside the cylinder drum, a piston rod penetrating through the lower end cover is coaxially installed on the piston, a speed reducer installed on the speed reducer box body and connected with the motor is a direct-alternating speed reducer, and eccentric shafts installed on output shafts on the two sides of the direct-alternating speed reducer are respectively and engagingly installed on piston rod end portions of the piston cylinders on two sides of the direct-alternating speed reducer. The swinging piston pump has simple structure and scientific design, achieves high working efficiency, high accuracy and improved quality level because the speed reducer installed on the speed reducer box body is the direct-alternating speed traducer, realizes effective seal to the piston cylinders, and protects seal assemblies by installing a C type seal assembly and an L type seal assembly inside each piston cylinder. Besides, the overall piston pump has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, strong rigidity and the like.




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