Solar steam kettle


  • Inventors: SHI YANG
  • Assignees: 扬 时
  • Publication Date: January 20, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201384376-Y


The utility model provides a solar steam kettle, which can be carried conveniently, boil water quickly and use the collected solar heat to effectively boil the water and generate steam to heat foods. The technical scheme is that a kettle body and a kettle cover consist of solar vacuum glass heat collectors, an interlayer is arranged between the kettle body and an inner linear, the kettle body and the inner linear are integrated into a whole body to form a heating kettle, the heating kettle is placed in the center of an optical collector, liquid can be filled in the interlayer between the kettle body and the inner linear, the kettle body can be made into a 'U' shape structure to fully receive sunlight, the kettle cover includes a solar vacuum glass heat collector and the interlayer inner cover filled with liquid to form a whole body, both the kettle cover and the kettle body can produce steam, the optical collector is arranged and the heating speed can be greatly improved.




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