Mop type fiber broom


  • Inventors: ZHANG YIJUN
  • Assignees: 张益军
  • Publication Date: January 27, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201388981-Y


The utility model relates to a mop type fiber broom, belonging to the technical field of the manufacturing of dust removal tools, which consists of a broom body, fiber filaments, fixing nails and a handle. The broom body is 28cm long and the handle is 45cm long. A round hole is excavated at the upper end of the broom body in a way that the round hole and the internal side of the broom body form an angle of 45 degrees. Five transverse rabbets are excavated at the bottom of the broom body every 1.5cm. The handle is connected with the round hole at the upper end of the broom body through super glue. The fiber filaments are clamped in the transverse rabbets at the bottom of the broom body through rabbet strips and fixed through fixing nails to form the mop type fiber broom. The utility model has the advantages that the manufacturing is easy, the structure is novel and the service life is long.




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