Planar sensor for ship log



A planar sensor for a ship log resolves the following problems of the prior art: since the electrodes of the conventional rod type sensor adopted by the ship log are positioned on both sides of the measuring rod and the measuring rod is thin and long, the mechanical strength of the sensor is low, the sensor needs to be extended out of the ship body for a certain distance when being used for measurement, and when the ship sails in an offshore shallow water area or passes through a fishing net area, the measuring rod can often be impacted to damage because of not being lifted in time. The planar sensor is characterized in that a planar bottom plate is mounted on the bottom of a rod body, electrodes are mounted on the bottom of the planar bottom plate, and the planar bottom plate is mounted in a nut mounted on the bottom of the rod body. When in use, the planar sensor is mounted on the bottom of the ship through a ball valve, the planes of the two electrodes are flushed with the outer surface of the bottom of the ship, not sticking out from the bottom of the ship, consequently, the sensor cannot be scraped and impacted by a fishing net or other objects to damage, and under the premise of maintaining the original technical indexes, working stability and measurement precision of the electromagnetic log, the service life of the sensor is prolonged.




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