Rim deflection degree correcting device



The utility model discloses a rim deflection degree correcting device. A base is provided with an inverted fork used for fixing a rim, the bottom of the inverted fork is provided with a detecting swing fork, the bottom of the detecting swing fork upholds the rim in a straddling mode, and is provided with a detecting piece, the front end of the detecting piece is provided with a standard central plate, and one side arm of the detecting swing fork is provided with a deflection degree correcting rod. After rim spokes are assembled, both ends of a middle shaft of the rim are fixed by screws at the end parts of the inverted fork so as to limit the rim on the inverted fork, and the rim can rotate freely. The rim can have certain deflection when rotating in the detecting swing fork, the direction to which a certain section of the rim deflects can be known through observing the standard central plate, the defection degree of the section of the rim can be known through the deflection degree correcting rod, and the deflection degree of the section of the rim can be reduced by properly tightening or loosening the rim spokes.




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